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Playstation's Flawed Streaming Service

Playstation has always had one of the best consoles for their specs, but the streaming platform is something different. There are no useful apps in addition to the main console, and no good accessories not provided by third party services to improve stream quality on their platform. You have to be on the actual console to view the streams of other users in the community. It is nearly impossible to connect the console to a pc aside from a base monitor, because the Sony app used to connect your PS4 has a lot of glitches. At some points you could randomly lose connection and have to restart the 20 minute process of connecting your console to the app for no reason. The whole system is just overall flawed and needs to be improved drastically in many different areas.

Twitch's Unparralleled Stream Platform

Twitch has been the #1 gaming streaming platform, because of it's vast cross platform connection. Twitch is able to allow people to stream and view streams from Xbox, PS4, and PC, so it obviously has the widest connections aside from Microsoft. The PS4 and Xbox controllers have a button on their controllers that is labelled 'share', and when you press this button a menu will appear with a few different options. One of these is to stream, and you can do this either on the specific platform you are on, or you can connect the Twitch account you stream on.

Xbox and Microsoft's Gaming Industry Monopoly

Microsoft has for many years owned a majority of the major gaming industries, dominating over the pc realm with their Windows 10 operating system and the xbox one console. While the actual console is lacking in it's own streaming necessities, they make up for it with the newly rebranded Xbox Console Companion app for Windows 10, which connects its users to their console and Microsoft account almost effortlessly, triumphing highly over the PS4's varriant. Furthermore, Xbox uses the Microsoft Store on their computer systems to sell their Xbox games and other applications that can be connected to the Xbox through their computer. With all these connections you would think streaming on their would be put at an advantage above other platforms as well, and you'd be right. The Xbox Console Companion app doesn't actually require you to own a console, and can be used as a basic social media platform similar to Facebook, uploading videos and clips, updating your status, and connecting with your friends with ease. This means that anyone who has a Windows 10 computer can view streaming of Xbox users, and anyone who has a computer with the Companion app can stream for other Microsoft and Xbox users from the app, far surpassing that of Playstation.

Author and Editor - Apollo

Apollo is a professional gamer and commentator on the Twitch streaming service. Primarily playing on PC, he has put many many hours towards bettering his career as a gamer and an author addressing the controversial topics of the gaming industry.